How to order

BANDENG MAS HATCHERY (BMH) is ready to serve orders to various countries in asia. Reservations can be made with conditions as below:

▪ Ordering of milkfish seed can be done by contacting us at .. (WA / HP: +6285333355224) (E-mail:
Provide us with complete information about order quantity of milkfish and place or location of shipment.
▪ We will provide information on total cost + postage.
▪ Order for milkfish seeds will be sent after you have paid the total cost.
▪ We accept payment in cash or bank transfer, and We will process your order after your transferred funds have been entered in our account.
▪ After order of milkfish seeds to your hand, please confirm to us.

Purchase Terms and Conditions

▪ Before you order milkfish from us, you must know How to handle milkfish seeds
▪ make sure your area has an airport, and the distance between your location and the airport has the maximum travel time that must be met in order for the Seed of Milkfish to arrive safely.
▪ Price order of minimum milkfish 10 Box (1 Box = 50.000 tail)

Purchase of large quantities will be shipping in stages, and get bonuses every purchase a large amount.

Interested ?
Don’t hesitate to contact us.Through E-mail or by Phone we are always happy to hear from you.Or to really get to know us, visit Bali !